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August 16, 2019
1 min read

How I revived my blog


Why in english?

Yes, english is not my mother tongue. I want to write my posts in english to improve my english skills.
Another reason is the so much bigger audience. Especially in the tech community. more info.

Why should this work now?

I always wanted to write my own blog website with its own backend. But these had never a good user experience and were lacking many features. All these features are in Wordpress but as a Laravel developer I don't like the Wordpress eco system and how to build stuff with it. Another reason was that I needed this whole page as my own side project. And I don't want to work only with Wordpress in my spare time.

Laravel Nova

I wrote a very simple blog with a Nova backend. The posts are written in Markdown.
To have a good writing experience, I write the my posts in Bear and copy them into the Nova backend afterwards.

Let's start!

Hopefully this time I will continue to write blog posts. Fingers crossed!

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